The Film Making Process


When making a film, it is good to follow an organized process in order to save time and resources. The process can be divided into distinct stages that are listed below.

The start of the film making process may vary but generally it will all begin with development of a script. It may be an old existing script, a brief story outline, a book or a novel. In this stage an idea is turned into a story. For the sake of the audience, the idea should be simple. Development may start with a writer or a director pitching an idea to the producer. The development phase is very crucial because it enables the producers to know how many people they need before they start shooting the movie.

The pre production(Filmproduksjon) phase is where to narrow down all the options of production. It is here where all the planning should place before the cameras can role. Pre production(Filmprodusent) also involves working out the shooting location and casting. All the schedule and budget for the entire film can be estimated during this phase.
After choosing a location, it’s​ advisable to visit it before the shoot. Check out if you need any permission to film there. Check out the lighting conditions, noise disturbances or if the place has ample space for the cameras and crew. Ensure that all the legal agreements are ready before you start to shoot.

In this phase, all the ideas and stories become reality. Ensure that all the equipment and crew members are fit to start filming(Reklamefilm). During production, the key is to maintain a good planning ahead of every shoot. The key is to stick to the schedule and the budget. This indeed requires constant vigilance. When the cameras roll, the project starts to become expensive due to all the crew’s salaries as well as on set special effects.

In this phase, all the tits and bits are put together. If you have a lot of material it means that more time is needed to sort out all the footage. Here the titles, special effects and sound effects are added to spice up the movie. Reviewing of the movie(marius loland) is also done during this stage.

Once the movie is completed, it must be distributed because this is the only way that the producers make their money back. A considerable amount of time and energy is needed to secure the right audience and distribution deals. The film can go through a cinema and/or be distributed through other platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO among others.